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Affinity Groups

Don't confuse us with the usual high-priced legal service offerings. Our new approach changes the value proposition.

At Epoq we recognize the value of organizations which enrich society by uniting people through common interests. Most affinity groups aim to help members and their families protect their interests and plan for the future. Legal planning is closely aligned with this objective, and affinities are in a prime position to provide affordable and easy access to legal services which can support members and save them thousands of dollars in legal fees. We have therefore developed specific products and models for affinity groups designed to fulfil this need and increase per member revenue.

How Epoq can help

Epoq can assist affinities with their member retention strategies by providing a low-cost, value-add legal service called LawAssure.

We have invested over $20m in our technology that re-engineers the law, making one of the most expensive professional services into a 'day one value' service.

Consumers can use our online document automation system to generate their legal documents and letters. The system uses 'knowledge-engineering' (that means clever stuff!) to ensure all documents are lawyer quality and cover the individual user's needs.

LawAssure includes services such as Wills, powers of attorney and tenancy agreements. Epoq also offers an SMB version of the service which includes business documents, such as terms and conditions of trade, non-disclosure agreements, and employment and HR services.

LawAssure aims to make law easy and offer vital legal assistance to members at a highly affordable rate.

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Our high tech approach let us offer price points optimized for customer take-up

How affinities can offer LawAssure

For affinities, the LawAssure legal service can be offered to members as an add-on alongside a new association membership or at membership renewal.

For associations that offer insurance products to their members, LawAssure is ideally suited for sale as an add-on supplemental cover; an additional extra which extends a member's cover to legal events and provides a service element to policies.


Epoq allows affinities to:

  • Deliver affordable and easy-access legal services via a dedicated website to support members during key events in their lives or businesses.
  • Generate recurring revenue from a previously untapped market for legal products.
  • Reduce attrition of members by providing a valuable service they can engage with.

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