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To compete in today's benefits marketplace, you need to outperform client expectations.

Epoq's LawAssure service will help you achieve this. We have used technology to re-engineer the law and make one of the most expensive professional services into a very low cost, yet exceptionally high value employee benefit.

LawAssure can be provided by benefits brokers as a free benefit; all for just pennies per month per employee.

Employees can save hundreds of dollars in legal costs by using the service. They can resolve their legal issues and protect their families with high quality legal documents.

An innovative way to win new business, drive enrollment and retain clients

Differentiate and win new business

Win business by making your proposals stand out through offering exceptional value at a time when budgets are being squeezed by healthcare costs.

Drive enrollment

Use LawAssure as the ultimate sales tool to gain one-to-one, group or electronic communication with employees.

Retain clients

Use LawAssure to remain the Broker of Record by showing employer clients that you are doing more for their staff.

  • 71% of households face a legal problem every year, yet 55% attempt to handle their legal matters themselves due to the high cost of lawyers
  • Our technology gives employees the power of a lawyer's brain™ and creates high-quality legal documents which resolve their legal issues

How the LawAssure service works

You simply need to buy vouchers for each of the employees you want to support, then email the voucher with a welcome pack to the employee. Each voucher gives a year's access to the service. Our service makes the law easy for everyone and includes:

Legal document services

Employees can manage over 100 legal needs, such as preparing a Will, drawing up a Power of attorney, managing a divorce or dealing with consumer complaints.

Document collaboration

Customers can use our 'Online By Invitation' facility to invite guests to collaborate on a document; for example a trusted advisor such as an attorney.

Secure account space

Customers also gain access to a secure account space where they are able to store and edit documents, as well as exporting them for printing.

Try it for yourself

Fill in the form below and you will receive an email with an access code to try LawAssure for yourself, you will also be invited to join our next webinar.


Epoq allows employee benefit brokers and employers to:

  • Reduce employee stress with a genuinely new range of low-cost legal products designed to make the law more affordable
  • Improve employer group retention by providing a valuable service that truly enhances their employee benefit program
  • Have key touch points with employees to encourage more one-to-one and group communications which will positively impact employee enrollment
  • Outperform competition and grow
  • Do all this for only pennies per month

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