Large Brands

How Epoq can help | Recap

Large Brands

Epoq has extensive experience in both the insurance and financial sector, working with major insurance and banking brands both in the UK and US to develop services for their consumer and SMB customer base.

We also assist other mainstream brands who wish to extend their services to include legal services.

Our services are technology-led but are designed to allow the inclusion of lawyer support with our revolutionary workflow.

Research by the American Bar Association has shown that seven in ten US households face one new or ongoing legal issue each year. Fifty-five per cent of these households deal with legal problems themselves due to the cost of lawyers.

How Epoq can help

Epoq is chosen by many major brands because we have proven quality processes and technology to support a demanding customer base. In addition, we can advise from our many years of experience which business models achieve results. Our services include:


We craft a defined legal service at a cost that allows it to be included as a valuable extension to an existing service or product. Promoting customer acquisition and increasing retention.


We design a specific legal service add-on that is sold alongside a higher priced service or product, where we optimize our price point for significant customer take-up.

Do more for your account holders. Epoq has created business legal hubs for some of the largest banks in the world.



Generate considerable revenues with a genuinely new, low-cost legal product designed to make the law more affordable for both consumers and SMBs.

  • Provide a considerable enhancement to products and services by offering customers the option of a high value, low cost legal add-on.
  • Reduce attrition by providing a valuable service they can engage with and which saves them money.

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