About Epoq

Who we are

Formed in 1994, Epoq is a pioneer in the development of online legal document services, which are now the most widely used solutions of their kind in the UK. Typically white-labelled and delivered to customer by insurers, banks and affinity groups, our services are making access to legal services simpler than ever before.

What we do

We've developed a suite of legal services that combine to make getting legal matters sorted as straightforward as possible. These services include hundreds of legal documents, contracts and letter templates, a team of lawyers on hand for document reviews and legal advice, all conveniently available online or over the phone.

How we do it

We've developed an innovative system called Rapidocs®, which makes the process of creating even complex legal documents quick and easy. Essentially, Rapidocs® replicates online the face-to-face question and answer session a solicitor would normally have with a client when drafting a legal document. The system includes extensive guidance notes and plain-English explanations so that anyone, even those with no legal knowledge or experience, can complete a document conveniently at a time and place that suits them.

Our values

Our values underpin everything we do. They include continuous improvement, commitment to quality, exceptional service and teamwork. We're always open and transparent and genuinely care that our customers' legal needs are met with efficiency, friendliness and empathy.

The management team

Grahame Cohen, Founder & CEO Epoq North America

Grahame Cohen

Grahame originally founded Epoq in the UK and is now CEO of Epoq in North America, where he's focussing his time and skills on growing the business. For over a decade, Grahame has been involved assessing and implementing document automation and web technologies that leverage trends in the legal services market. He has been instrumental in building relationships with some of the largest banks and insurance companies that now use Epoq's services for their customers. Grahame has presented at numerous conferences and seminars and holds a first-class honours degree in Finance from City University (Cass Business School).

Clifford Cohen, Business Development Director

Clifford Cohen

Clifford has been a community leader for most of his working life and strongly believes in making law more accessible. He is a highly experienced executive having successfully developed multiple award-winning educational programs.

Clifford has also been a commercial producer collaborating with London-based creative agencies filming in Los Angeles for some of the most renowned brands in the world. With experience working in 11 countries, Clifford has developed a keen sense of what it takes to partner with a diverse group of companies in the corporate sector

Humphrey Clarke, Marketing Manager

Michael Symons

A veteran of Epoq's UK operation, Humphrey's key responsibilities include the research of business development opportunities and demonstrating to organizations - including major brands - how they can increase revenues and improve customer retention.

A graduate in History and Law, Humphrey has over nine years' experience working in the legal and insurance sectors and has written numerous research papers and articles for industry publications. He is passionate about using technology to make access to legal services much easier and more affordable for both consumers and SMBs.

Richard Cohen, Executive Chairman & Head of Partnerships

Richard Cohen

Richard founded Landau & Cohen Solicitors before joining Epoq in 1998 as Joint CEO, and is now Executive Chairman & Head of Partnerships. He served on the Solicitors Regulation Authority working group for the introduction of alternative business structures, and contributed to the Legal Services Institute's study on the Legal Services Act and the Legal Services Consumer Panel relating to referrals. Richard has presented at a number of conferences and seminars, including those hosted by the Law Society, Central Law Training, LawNet, IRIS and the College of Law. In 2011, Richard was nominated for the FT Innovative Lawyers Legal Innovator of the Year Award.

Hillel Horwitz, Chief Executive Officer

Hillel Horwitz

As CEO at Epoq, Hillel's role is to help formulate strategic and operational objectives of the company and to ensure they are achieved through leadership of the Epoq team. Hillel graduated from University College London with a degree in Economics, before starting his career on NatWest's graduate training programme. After four years spent in branch and mid-corporate lending, he was promoted to Assistant Manager on a leading IT project. He then became Senior Operations Manager of a Bank of Ireland subsidiary, which ran the Post Office's foreign exchange service, overseeing 50 staff. In just four years, Hillel helped take the subsidiary from a 0% to a 12% market share.

Paul Collins, Chief Technical Officer

Paul Collins

A software professional of over 20 years' standing with a focus on interface design, UX and system workflows, Paul joined Epoq in 2008. He's responsible for setting and fulfilling the company's development strategy, as well as managing the development team. His particular focus is on product development and enhancement, so he personally oversees major projects where new technology is deployed. Initially, Paul studied Imaging Sciences, leading to him working in international software development/management for Fujifilm and Global Graphics, serving major client accounts such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. He also spent several years as a senior management consultant for Trinity Horne, working on business improvement and efficiency projects for the likes of Cable & Wireless, Anglian Water and United Utilities.