At the core of Epoq's strength is our suite of legal services, combining market leading document automation, sophisticated legal content and secure workflow. All these are enabled by Epoq's proven technology platform, which harnesses these components and has been designed specifically to allow the provision of fully branded consumer and SMB product offerings for major brands.

The platform provides clients with multiple service levels, comprehensive MI, billing, collaboration, work flow with legal review teams, customer services and others involved in service delivery, full branding capability, a sophisticated API and tracking of all interactions with customers. No other provider can boast all these elements together under a single platform.


Rapidocs® document automation

To achieve the company's vision of providing high quality legal services at an affordable cost, Epoq has developed an innovative system called Rapidocs® which makes the process of creating even complex legal documents quick and easy. Rapidocs® does this by replicating online the face-to-face question and answer session an attorney would normally have with a client when drafting a legal document. As the customer's details are entered into the system, Rapidocs® uses pre-programmed intelligence to prepare a legal document or form which is tailored to the customer's needs.

Rapidocs® document services contain all the clauselegal document review by an attorneys and text necessary to prepare different interactions of a document (a Will, for example). Our dynamic questionnaire uses rules and logic to determine the correct questions to ask the customer as their document is being prepared and to provide context-sensitive help at certain points.

The Rapidocs® system also includes straightforward explanations so that anyone, even those with no legal knowledge or experience, can complete a document conveniently at a time and place that suits them. A progress bar keeps the customer aware of where they are in the document completion process and provide a better user experience.

For our clients, Rapidocs® provides the following advantages:

  • As an automated process the system dramatically reduces the cost of delivering legal documents and provides considerable time savings. The result is a truly mass-market method of delivering legal services while maintaining high standards.
  • The simplicity of the process means that even complex documents and forms can be created by individuals with no specialist training or knowledge. Rapidocs® was designed for novices, and thousands of consumers and SMBs now use the system to prepare close to 500,000 legal documents every year, including Wills, powers of attorney and business agreements.


Our US content libraries contain around 200 automated legal document services, encompassing areas of law such as Wills, Powers of attorney, business agreements and human resources, enabling a wide range of legal issues to be resolved with ease and confidence.


  • Wills and estate planning
  • Living trusts
  • Family
  • Consumer complaints
  • Identity theft, credit and loans
  • Real estate
  • Purchase and sale
  • Name change


  • Doing business
  • Business formation and governance
  • Websites and trading online
  • Employment and HR
  • Intellectual property
  • Real estate


Epoq's core business is the provision of legal product offerings to customers of some of the world's largest brands in the insurance and financial services industry. To do so, we've constructed a web platform which places our document automation system and content within a wider ecosystem of workflows, transactional services and other components. These are designed to facilitate the complete end-to-end delivery of legal assistance services to customers while fulfilling all our client's requirements.

The key features of our infrastructure are:

White labelling and co-branding

Epoq has extensive experience of providing white-label services to our clients, and our platform has been designed with this in mind. Our system allows legal product offerings to be fully branded using company logos, icons and color palettes. Using our platform and our in-house design team, we can produce everything from fully bespoke sites for large insurance brands to lower-cost, co-branded offerings for brokers or affinity groups.


Epoq's platform can support transactional services which enable our clients to offer a wide range of products to consumers and SMBs. We offer a full-featured shopping basket component which allows us to take payment for both products and service level upgrades (for example, a legal review of a document). Models supported include tiered pricing, subscription services and discount vouchers for promotions.

Secure account space

Each customer using the Epoq platform gains access to a secure, dedicated and branded account space with all their data stored in the Epoq cloud. End-users are able to use this space to store and edit documents as well as exporting them for printing. Customers can track the status of any ongoing matter or use our sharing facility to invite guests to collaborate on a document.

Document review workflow

Although the majority of our customers are comfortable interacting with us on a self-help basis, some appreciate the peace of mind given by having a specialist review their document for errors. Our platform offers this by providing a secure workflow for customers to be able to send their documents to one of our staff members, who can then check the draft for spelling, punctuation and consistency. The same system can also be used to provide legal document review by an attorney - either by Epoq providing this feature as an additional service level, or by the customer using our sharing and collaboration function to give their attorney secure access to their document. Our workflow enables customers to easily interact with the party reviewing their document and the draft can be passed back and forth until approved.

api arrows


Epoq's API is a modern REST based interface with multiple security features. The API provides the platform with additional flexibility allowing for custom solutions and offering a greater level of functionality for our clients.

Single sign-on

Customer data from our partners can be shared with the Epoq platform in order to create matching accounts. It allows a seamless customer journey, with no need for multiple accounts and sign-ons.

Control document

The API can be used to create and access documents for a customer. It can also be used to automatically populate a document with data from another source, allowing for documents to be pre-completed.

Audit, history and data mining

Our API allows complete records of every transaction to be shared with partners. It also allows data mining to help tailor the customer experience or generate detailed reports. For example, the API can be used to query document content for specific matches, e.g, "Is this client married?" or "Show me all users who created a Will where they said they would leave money to a charity".

Running Epoq services through a separate interface

The Epoq API can be used to manage Epoq's technologies through another interface, i.e. one provided by one of our clients rather than by Epoq.